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Guest Room Update

November 8, 2021

Expecting company? Follow along for tips and tricks to get your home guest-ready!

Guest Room Update

Whether you are expecting family and friends for a holiday or a much needed reunion, refresh your guest space in three easy steps: linens, essentials, and decor!

First step: linens. Is there anything better than settling in to a freshly washed and made bed? Make sure to wash the sheets to welcome your guests into your home. Clean and fresh smelling sheets can help encourage effective sleep, which is very important after a day of travel. After you have made the bed, it’s time to dress it! Opt for a simple yet beautiful bedding set so you can keep it up all year. To bring your space from season to season, change out throw pillows and blankets! Changing out pillows is an easy way to update a guest room each season. In the spring and summer, add pops of bright colors and florals to brighten up the bed. Guests coming around the winter holidays? No problem! Add touches of vibrant tartan or elegant white and gold to your space. Mix and match everyday pillows with festive linens to bring your holiday bedding to life! After you have finished setting up the bed, do not forget the bathroom linens. Two bath towels and two hand towels plus two washcloths daily is the suggested amount to provide for your guests. Make sure the towels are easy to find by setting these on the bathroom counter topped with a fresh bar of soap! Check out our top picks for pillows and throws to add to your space below:


Second step: essentials. Help your guests feel at home by providing all the essentials. From shampoo and body wash to phone chargers and tissues, find a list below of our top items to include in your cozy guest room!

Bathroom Essentials

-       Shampoo

-       Conditioner

-       Toothpaste

-       Body Wash

-       Lotion

-       Hairdryer

Bedroom Essentials

-       Wifi Information

-       Notepad and Pens

-       Empty Hangers

-       Spare Throw Blankets

-       Eye Mask

Christmas Pillows

Guests are sure to feel right at home this season with a modern take on a traditional welcome basket. A tray displayed on the bed with fun pieces is such a fun way for guests to enter your home! Around the winter holidays, a Christmas coffee mug is an ideal item to add to your welcome tray, and is perfect for morning brew or even a hot cocoa night cap. The addition of a holiday sitter, ornament, décor beads or even a dish filled with your favorite Christmas candy and sweets are other must-haves for your welcome board. Don't forget easter candy in the spring or a bag of Halloween treats in the Fall!

Third step: decor. Around the holidays, switch out pictures and wall décor with festive themed prints, scrolls and artwork. Don’t forget the greenery! What better way to get in the holiday spirit then with a Christmas tree. Your guests will love the addition of a tree in their bedroom, decorated to the nines with lights and ornaments galore! Spruce up bedside tables with mini pine trees, delicious pine scented candles or even a holly jolly holiday gnome sitter! In the spring, adding fresh flowers is the perfect way to brighten up your space. Fresh flowers are always a great idea to add to your guest space no matter the season. In the winter, poinsettias will add a festive touch. In the spring, tulips will brighten up any room. Want to keep your tulips fresh? Add a penny in the bottom of your vase to help the tulips stand up straight! Guest bathrooms are another space in your home to make family and friends feel at ease when visiting. Soaps and paper powder room napkins are easy and inexpensive to change out from season to season. Not only are they functional, they can also add an extra festive touch to the bathroom. Save them from year to year to always have a stockpile on hand! Finally, adding a candle will help keep the space smelling fresh throughout their entire stay! A holiday scented candle in the winter set on your guest countertop, will fill the space with delightful scents. Check out our top picks for everyday and festive decor to add to your space below:

Guest Bathroom Essentials
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