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You can have the Mud Pie Lifestyle with these tips and tricks on how to decorate, style and so much more! Check back for the latest Mud Pie How To's.

How to Fold Napkins

December 6, 2021

Whether you are hosting a dinner party, a luncheon, or just want to wow your family, Mud Pie is here with easy table decor hacks you are sure to love. Follow along as we share our favorite napkin hacks from darling bows for the everyday to festive trees for the holidays!

For easy folding, use a square napkin. Check out our selection of napkins below:

One of our favorite folds is the knot, an easy look sure to accent your place settings nicely. It is so easy, you do not even need napkin rings to get this chic look! First, lay your napkin in front of you, pattern side down. Turn the napkin to resemble a diamond and fold it in half diagonally. Then, start to fold in 2 inch pleats towards the center line, starting at the point, alternating with each fold. Next, pick up your folded napkin in the middle and tie in a knot. After you tie the knot, fluff it then lay on your place setting! Around the winter holidays, add a sprig of rosemary or even a candy cane through the knot to bring a festive flare to your table settings. P.S. – use this hack when your guests are 5 minutes away and you still need to get dressed. Not only is this hack super easy it is also as quick as can be!

Bow Napkin Folding Hacks
Napkin Hacks

Another fold perfect for any occasion is the bow! This fold is also simple, but you will need napkin rings. To begin, lay the napkin in front of you, pattern side down. First, fold your napkin in half diagonally. Then, fold in 1 inch rows (do not alternate this one). Next, pick up your napkin and fold the end towards the middle and slide the napkin ring over the whole napkin. It should look like two loops on either side of the napkin ring. Finally, start pulling the tails out from under the loops and shaping the bow. Place on your plates and you are ready to host! This hack would be perfect for a baby shower or bridal shower! Bring the shower theme throughout with themed napkins and napkin rings.

A Mud Pie favorite holiday napkin fold is the Christmas tree! This one is simple but brings the most wow factor to your table! First, fold your napkin in half vertically and then half again horizontally to form a smaller square. Then turn your napkin so the loose ends are facing up. Then pull back each layer of the napkin stopping an inch above the previous layer. Turn over the napkin and fold the corners in to make a triangle. Flip the napkin back over and tuck the points of the napkin up to form the layers of the tree. Optional: add a mini ornament to the top as a star! This fold takes longer but is sure to be a hit on your table! Use a green napkin to help this be as festive as possible!

Napkin Folding Hacks
Easy Napkin Hacks

Looking for a slightly easier napkin hack? Try folding your napkin in thirds and placing it in between the dinner and salad plates. Let the napkin hang down past the end of the dinner plate, then set a place card on top of the salad plate to finish off your setting. Using a small ramekin, add holiday themed candy or sweets to liven up your table setting. Around Easter, place robin eggs or jelly beans in the ramekin. For valentines day, candy hearts or chocolates will be the perfect touch! Around Christmas, lay two candy canes in the shape of a heart on the top of a salad plate. Opt for a seasonal salad plate paired with everyday serveware to bring your table from season to season. Guests will love any of these fun touches to denote their seat. From dinner parties to weeknight dinners, these hacks can elevate your table all year long. For the perfect table setting, find our dinner and salad plate selections below:

Add a festive touch to your Thanksgiving table with this easy pumpkin napkin hack! First up, gather your supplies. You will need square napkins, round napkin rings, and cinnamon sticks or twigs. Start by laying your napkin on a flat surface with the pattern side facing down. Then place the napkin ring in the center of the napkin. Take the corners of the napkins and fold in towards the center, after this step your napkin will be a smaller square. Then take the edges of the napkin and fold them up and into the napkin ring, continue to do this until all of the napkin is inside the ring. Turn your napkin over and you will have a pumpkin! Place the cinnmon stick or twig in the middle of the pumpkin and there you have it, a pumpkin napkin.

Be the STAR of your holiday dinner with this festive napkin hack. Start with a square napkin, we recommend using an 18"x18" cloth napkin. Place the napkin on your table front side down in a diamond shape. Next, fold the top corner down to the bottom creating a triangle. Then fold the right and left corners in towards the middle creating a square. Flip the napkin over so you have a flat napkin with no seams showing. Fold the bottom corner up and towards the middle. You will now have a triangle shape with a seam down the middle. Grab your plate and place the napkin on top in a standing triangle. To do this you will pick up the center of the napkin and carefully set it on the plate. Push the bottom two legs down as you fold the top right and left legs backwards. Finally, push all legs down until your star forms! This hack will brighten up any holiday table! 


We can’t wait to see how you are folding your Mud Pie napkins! Be sure to tag us @mudpiegift for a chance to be featured!


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