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You can have the Mud Pie Lifestyle with these tips and tricks on how to decorate, style and so much more! Check back for the latest Mud Pie How To's.

How to Style a Bookcase

August 9, 2021

Whether you are moving into a new home or refreshing your current space, check out Mud Pie’s tips and tricks for styling your bookcase.

White Shelf Decor

The first step in styling any space is decluttering. This is so important so you can visualize the direction you want the space to go. Stay strong and ask yourself if you really need that trinket from the fair 15 years ago. If not, throw it out! Not only will this help your home feel calmer, but the space will also be easier to maintain in the long run. Less is more when it comes to styling your bookcase. Sort through all your favorites, store the sentimental ones you can not part with yet, and set aside the ones you want to display. Do not forget to dust off your shelves before you start styling. Once you have decluttered and cleaned your space, you are ready to start designing!

The next step is picking a color scheme and/or theme. From minimalistic to bold and beautiful, find a theme to fit your decor. For a minimalistic look, use only the essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space. Opt for a horizontal stack of 3 or 5 books instead of a full row of bulky mismatched books. For books you no longer read, try turning them page side out for a fun look. We even love removing the pages from their binding and wrapping them in twine for a rustic look. A monochromatic palette is the way to go to achieve this look. Be sure to leave empty space between items to make the composition lighter. We love adding frames with sleek lines to any shelf. Try leaning a smaller frame in front of a floating glass frame to add dimension. Whether you frame a family photo or a simple print they will be the focal point of that shelf. When adding a new piece to your shelves, it is always a good idea to remember that when your decor has decor, it is time to stop adding to your space. See below for a list of our favorite shelf basics:


-       Frames

-       Candles

-       Greenery

-       Vases

-       Trays

-       Artwork


-       Bookends

-       Canisters

-       Books

-       Bowls

-       Bowl fillers

-       Beads


When styling your shelves, remember to add variety with different heights, textures and objects. Your shelves should not only be beautiful, but they should also be functional. Adding baskets along the bottom to store items like throw blankets or magazines can help declutter your living area while adding texture to your shelves. Keep in mind that odd numbers can help tie a shelf together. Opt for a row of three vases instead of two, while trying to vary the heights as well. If they are the same height, try adding books under one to help add height to your shelf. Be sure to alternate your design style from shelf to shelf and try not to repeat a pattern. If your top shelf has artwork, place books and greenery on the next, and then sentimental items or platters down one more. Remember there is no true right or wrong way because if you love it, then it works! Browse our favorite must have items for shelf styling below:


To bring your shelves from season to season, we love displaying smaller pieces that can be switched out easily. For the majority of the year, fill a bowl with moss balls and switch them out for Easter eggs or carrots in the spring and ornaments around Christmas time! Another easy way to bring a festive touch to your shelves is switching out the platters. Switch out your neutral platters for a bunny tray in the Spring and a Snowman tray in the winter! We love adding sitters to shelves to celebrate any season. Whether it is pumpkins in the fall, snowflakes in the winter, or mini boxwoods in the spring, this is an easy hack to fill out your shelves. Candles are another item that can be easily switched out to denote the season. Opt for a frasier fir scented candle around christmas and a fresh linen in the spring.

Follow these tips and tricks and you will have a beautiful bookcase in no time! Remember to shop around your home for items you may already have that can be used in a new way. Do not forget to tag us in your beautiful designs on Instagram @mudpiegift!

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