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You can have the Mud Pie Lifestyle with these tips and tricks on how to decorate, style and so much more! Check back for the latest Mud Pie How To's.

How to Wrap a Present

November 15, 2021

Mud Pie has you covered with wrapping hacks for all! Follow along for the tips and tricks sure to help you be an all-star wrapper for any occasion!

Wrapping Hacks

The key to wrapping any gift is the perfect bow. To get the perfect, stay through the car ride bow, we recommend using wire edge ribbon. This will make your loops and tails stay looking as beautiful as when you first tied them! First, tie your bow as you normally would, then fluff the loops up and out to achieve the perfect bow. Next, using your fingers, curl the tails away from the bow (just like you’re curling your hair). To cut the ends of your tails, fold the ribbon in half vertically and cut at an upward 45 degree angle. There you have it, the perfect and easy show-stopping bow!

Looking for a more sustainable wrapping option? Try using a swaddle, scarf, or blanket to wrap your gift. Not only can the recipient keep this item, it makes a fun story to tell them! Wrap a baby shower present in a themed swaddle to give the parent-to-be. Start by laying the swaddle in front of you, pattern side down, in a diamond shape. If you are giving clothes or soft goods, we recommend putting a square shaped piece of cardboard down under the clothes to give your gift a sturdy shape. Place your gifts in the middle of the swaddle, then pull the top corned down across the gift. Next, fold the bottom corner in half, then over the top of the gift making a long rectangle. Pull the left side all the way across the center, then fold the right side in half and then back across the gift. You should end up with a square shaped gift. Grab a piece of ribbon and gather the middle of the swaddle together, making a bow shape. Tie off the ribbon and slide a card in the seam of the swaddle, and you are done. This hack takes just a couple of minutes to have a stunning and sustainable gift!

Baby Shower Gifts
Easy Wrapping Tricks

For holiday wrapping, one of our favorite hacks of all time is using an ornament as a gift tag! Whether it is an initial ornament or a specific design per person, we love personalizing gifts for everyone on your list. Tie a bow, pick out your favorite ornament, and attach your ornament for a wrapping hack as easy as 1, 2, 3! Adding a sprig of rosemary or a couple candy canes will help add a festive touch to your gift. Using twine and festive ribbon is the perfect way to attach the ornaments to your present. This hack will work on boxes or bags of any size! Check out of favorite ornaments for personalized gifting below:

Curating a basket is another great gifting option! Not only does it make a beautifully presented gift, the recipient can use the basket in their home. Building a basket does not have to be complicated! Pick out the recipients favorite things to help make them feel special. For the bride to be, you can not go wrong with wedding white items. Including items with her soon-to-be last initial is a thoughtful touch. Do not forget the champagne! Adding a bow to the neck of the bottle adds a festive touch to your basket. For the new homeowner, add the essentials from a paper towel holder to coffee mugs to welcome them to their new home. Mixing soft goods with hard goods will not only help cushion your items for safe transport but will help bring depth to your basket. You can not go wrong with adding napkins or guest towels to any basket. After you are done curating your basket, adding bows or a cellophane wrapping will complete your gift! Any ribbon type will do to top off your basket! We love using rafia because it holds its shape so well. Looking for the perfect basket for your next gift? Mud Pie has you covered with baskets perfect for gifting below:

We can’t wait to see how you wrap your Mud Pie presents! Don’t forget to tag us @mudpiegift for a chance to be featured!

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